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Kyoto, a city where culture breathes. In this historic land, people from all over the world weave their dreams. Kitayama Trading Co., Ltd. serves as a bridge to realize those dreams, delivering Kyoto's beautiful properties to those around the globe who seek them. It is our pride to provide the optimal service for customers from Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and beyond.

Professional International Support.
Kitayama Trading Co., Ltd. simplifies the process of purchasing real estate in Kyoto, offering expertise and support for procedures tailored to our global clientele, including those from the West. This allows customers to overcome language barriers and legal complexities, ensuring transactions are conducted with confidence.
Respect for Cultural Values.
We do more than just trade in real estate; through properties that reflect Kyoto's rich cultural heritage, we share and honor the values of Japanese tradition and spirit. Kitayama Trading Co., Ltd. is the ideal partner for those who cherish Japanese culture and wish to convey its allure to the world.
Long-term Commitment.
Even after the purchase, we continue to support our customers' lives in Japan. From management and maintenance to effective land use, we are committed to building long-term, satisfying relationships. Kitayama Trading Co., Ltd. strives to ensure that life in Kyoto is not just a stay but a fulfilling experience.

Kyoto, with its ever-changing beauty through the seasons, dyes its landscape with rich colors. Amid such shifting elegance, Kitayama Trading Co., Ltd. wholeheartedly supports your real estate journey. Why not take the first step toward a new life in Kyoto with us?

We are Kyoto real estate specialist, with a deep focus on Kominka, old houses.
We offer considered advice, expert market insight, an unparalleled knowledge of the property landscape, and overall services for international buyers.
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